Economics of project formwork

Economics of project formwork

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How to achieve the economy at the expense of mold making for this purpose

Using a single frame design for the whole project, this can improve learning and reduce the cost of molding and mobilization materials, two framing designs can be justified only in one large project

Use the same depth for all beams and joists because when heavily loaded, cost reduction increases the cost of steel and concrete, their width can be four or five times their depth.

Uniform column spacing to achieve uniform dimensions for beams and column beams is thus saved by simplification

  • Study the structure in general.
  • Prepare alternative designs by comparing all possible structural molding systems.
  • Keep the positions of the columns, their direction and size as fixed as possible
  • Choose the best balance between structure cost and design considerations.
  • Distribute selected layout plans to all members of the architect / engineer team to minimize future changes.
  • Plan your structure. Visualize how frames are made. Using standard sizes allows maximum use of frames.
  • During the final design, emphasize the details that have the greatest financial impact on the total cost of the structural formwork.
  • Plan your project specifications to minimize costs and construction time by minimizing issues such as the initial removal time of the mold and the high-strength, early-mix concrete.

In some projects, the concrete surface needs to be polished and polished. In such projects, the use of smooth-surface molds, such as plywood molds, hardened fiber molds, and steel molds, can be very economical.

In these cases, although the cost of the formwork increases, small formwork causes the connection of the formwork to each other to be determined on the concrete surface, which reduces the problem in large formwork or by filling the seam of these forms, these lines can be Deleted completely.

 Filling the joints of the molds can be done with putty, sealing tape or other suitable materials.

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