Contractor: Beton Saz Mashhad Company

Uneven intersection of Jomhuri Islami, is one of the most important and busy Square of the city, between the two highways and main exit way and entrance way of Mashhad. Entire length of the bridge is 720 m, including 380 m of the deck length and 340 m of ramp on the sides. Overpass bridge deck is a box of 4 cells with the height of 2 m. width of the bridge deck in each route is approximately 75 m of which the mouth is approximately 50 m
Technical and Engineering group of Boozarjomehr Industry Group proceeded to design the deck formwork in two height processes of concrete work,taking into consideration the sensitiveness of the project in time and the rate of traffic jam
Such a matter caused the project speed to be increased. The scaffolding system under the deck was arranged in this manner that the modular parts with high speed of assembly in different mouths and heights helped this project