This system which is used for high concrete structures is needless of derricks. It is lifted by the hydraulic jacks and by relying on the firmed concrete surface from the previous stage.
The sliding formwork is used in a numerous number of structures in which some are listed below:
-Single-cell and multi-cell silos and bunkers
-Shear walls in tall structures
-Tall columns
-Vertical shafts
The sliding formwork is built in two steady and floating sections. When the diameter or the dimensions of the structure and its thickness are the same from top to bottom, the sliding formwork with steady section is used. The sliding formwork with floating section is used where the outer dimensions of the structure or its sickness varies in height.
The membrane height of the sliding formwork is from 1 to 1/5 metres and pouring concrete is continuous with this formwork. These formworks move up hydraulically by 22 to 35 centimetres per hour.