Tunnel formworks are used in building structures which are both from walls and slabs. They are designed somehow in which half of each slab with its adjoining wall and two integrated formworks become mantled as an L-shape all at the same time. After reinforcement, concrete is poured. The location of mechanical and electrical installations can be anticipated in this system and the formworks get opened and closed uninterraptedly. Mantling by a crane is done in a minimum time.

The advantages of a Tunnel formwork:
Structuring pace, human force reduction, needless of professional labor, joinery reduction, quick assembly and dismantling of formwork, execution of mechanical and electrical installation at the same time, steady and durable with high factor of repeating, efficient for building expenses, increasing safety in the job site, wall and slab operation at the same time
External walls formed by special climbing system components
Cickers of next floor also formed in each cycle
Conical ties, installed from one side, reusable again and again