The Lumina formwork system can be conducted easily. This system can implement the projects both on time and as fast as possible.
Some advantages of this system include:
1- Lumina formwork system uses large panels and panels arranged next to each other with no side joints so forms can be disassembled and assembled fast.
2- Lumina system can be used in flat slabs with different thickness.

3- Lumina system possesses two types of jack heads for connecting the form to the prob or scaffolding. Type l of the prob heads is invariable and after curing the concrete processing and when concrete attains its needed strength, the form will be disassembled.
Type II of the prob heads can be disassembled after concrete attains its initial strength but holding systems like probs and scaffolding may be retained under the slab unit concrete attains its final strength.
4- Using large and light panels for formwork and eliminating the panels joints increases the speed of disassembling and assembling the formwork.
5- Due to using plywood in the façade of concrete, it is very smooth.
– light weight and easy-to-handle individual components.
– Systematic assembly sequence and high degree of safety.
Lumina is easy and safe to install, handling is quickly mastered, even by personnel unfamiliar with this system.