(4B+GP+12F+ Swimming Pool+ Gym,) Residental Building with large Area BFS-table slab forming method.

‏Project site: Al Jaddaf, Al Garhoud, Culture Village, Dubai, UAE

‏Consultant: ARENCO

‏To construct approximately 1000 Square meters of the post-tensioned slab (thickness = 225 mm) for each story in this tower, the BFS office and factory in Dubai designed and implemented the BFS-Table Form Systems (Patent registration N0. 63948).

‏The special features considered in the design of the tower were as follows:
‏• Implementing concrete beams with an altitude of 90 cm all around the roof perimeter. This caused the tables to decrease their altitude by 1.2 m during the dismantling operations so that the tables could be lifted to the next floor and the arranged tables beside these beams could Bear considerable lateral Loads.
‏• For lowering the tables and leveling them, a hydraulic trolley system was designed and implemented.
‏• Due to the simultaneous formworking of two slabs roofs, a BFS 2-level lifting C-hook system was designed and implemented for lifting the tables two floors upper. This system facilitated lifting tables and, when folded, could be used for single floor steps as well.
‏• The large formwork area in the BFS table forming method and the limitations arising when the tables had to be removed through the slab roof, caused the BFS technical team to design in an unprecedented move, four telescopic wheels for each table so that a worker can easily and independently lift transfer each table to the exit position without using a carriage trolley. Thus, the speed of moving the tables was greatly increased. These wheels do not carry any load and collapse when concrete is poured, to be opened again when the time comes for displacing the tables.