Table form systems are flat concrete slab construction systems (distributed and uniform) used in plans with fewer vertical structural components, particularly in high rise structures with repeatable floor lay outs. These systems can be implemented for very rapid construction of high rise building projects where high quality of finished concrete surfaces is desirable.
Advantages of Table Form Systems
• High forming speed on the ceiling due to the maximum integral dimensions of the tables (5×3=15 m2)
• High efficiency and consequently high speed of project construction due to integral transfer of the tables to higher floors and elimination of repetitious mounting/dismounting operations
• Forming operations are performed in one fifth of the time required for modular forming systems (for construction of flat slabs)
• Due to the systematic design of the table form systems, only semi-skilled workers are required for handling these systems
• High quality of finished concrete surfaces due to using plywood toppings in table form systems
• High speed pre-assembly at the site due to the possibility of loading and transferring the upper table decks as assembled components
• Economical projects due to high speed of construction, reduced construction times, and reduced workforce costs