Contractor: Shayegan Construction Company

‏Client: Shayegan Company

‏This project was designed and operated in Elahieh area in Tehran in a 50,000 sq. meter land with 16 storeys in which its flat slab system was by post tensioning.
‏Taking the importance of the project for it exposed concrete into consideration, BFS Company recommended the BFS-flex to the contractor of the project in order to operate the concrete slab. This system has the capability of operating flat slabs with asymmetric geometrical shapes and the arrangement can be easily done by the modular parts.
‏In order to operate the columns of the project, BFS-Column Zigflex was designed based on the various sizes of the Zigflex system in which it has the operation capability of a (30*30) centimetres to a (120*120) centimetres size and has outstandingly helped the pace and the quality of this project.