For easy operation and also taking work safety methods into consideration, BFS Company designed and presented it BFS Up Scaffold and also BFS Up Stairs by the Dubai Office in which they have below advantages:

‏-Capability to be used as a facade, accessibility to the floors, scaffolding as a reinforcing bar and installing opening scaffolding for high walls
‏-Full stability of the scaffolding system without any balancing weight on top
‏-Full safety whilst working and tread in height because of the safety fence, guardrail and suitable plat forms
‏-Quick installation because of the modulus parts and simple fittings with minimum non-professional workers
‏-Capability of integrate, lift or transfer several modules together by a derrick crane and consequently saving a considerable time of operation
-Minimum optimised aspects and consequently reducing the operation space
-Suitable carriage and transfer of forces in between the parts
‏-Using horizontal parts both as the structural parts of system and as a guardrail
‏The use of BFS Up Stairs System with side-restraints in order to access a depth of 23 meters of the street level to 6 floors below Tehran Plaza Trading and Leisure Complex project.