FANUC Robots special for Welding manufactured in United States of America , with the maximum circulation of 2.6 m and rotation of 360 degrees and application of LINCOLN Welding System , are capable of welding in all standard situations of welding under CO2 Method ,with high level of accuracy and high speed up to 150 mm perminute.

 Welding process may be conducted on full automatic basis and the error Percentage is approximately zero Plasma punch and cutting instrument of the heavy sheets, manufactured by Ficep Factory of Italy in 2011 , were manufactured with the full automatic option with Siemens Control of CNC, and is capable of cutting sheets with the maximum thickness of 25 mm and creation of hole up to the diameter of 100 mm. This instrument is equipped whith plasma cutting system as, the least losses will remain on a sheet after completion of the cutting operations. Angle and channel cutting devices and punch device which are manufactured by Ficep Factory of Italy ,may be applied on a full automatic basis and under the technology of Super Chromium Alloy in manufacturing ramrod and saw blade ,with the high speed and high rate of accuracy Punching operations for various angle and channel sections up to the large and thick sizes.

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LVD Hydraulic Shears Devices manufactured in Belgium on CNC Basis , are capable of cutting steel sheets of 3 m and  6 m with the thickness of 6 to 13 mm in high level of accuracy and without creation of any pleat on the cutting edges , and by application of the templates existing in this device , the cutting data will enter into CNC Instrument and the sheet with the maximum length of 6 m will be cut completely in the form of a set Square. By the engines of 7.5 and 18.5 kw, the cutting speed of the sheets is a noticeable speed , in the manner that in each 10 seconds , a sheet with the width of  6 m would be cut.Gates Welding Instrument : Such a welding device is capable of welding various box sections and the steel poles under the Submerged Arc Welding Method from the inside or outside.Maximum lengths of the web and flange which are capable of welding in this device , are , respectively , 1000 and 800 mm and the highest welding speed in the going route is 800 mm/minute and in the return route is 1500 mm/minute, and by leaning on the PLC existing at this device , the melted little pool will be divided completely equal and the structure will be of a high quality of welding