In higher structures such as walls, tanks and dams in which elevating formworks are used, bracket is a main part of this kind of systems.
In a one way elevation the bracket holds the whole pressure of the formwork weight, concrete and the workers and based on its truss performance, transfer these forces vertically to the inner anchor bolts of the concrete wall from the previous stage. The bracket can be used in any height and scaffolding is not required anymore to transfer the force of gravity to the earth.
Due to this advantage bracket in mantling high structures is highly valued compared to the others both financially and operationally.
The bracket provides a temporary and at the same time a stable base for installing the formwork; it also provides the required space for mantling and straightening it vertically.
Connecting the bracket to the concrete structure is by bolt or anchor bolt. After each stage of pouring concrete, bracket is elevated higher either on its own or with the formwork