Triangle Modular Scaffoldings (Pal):

Pal modular scaffolding is made of joined triangular elements. These elements are mounted on top of each other without any special tools or professional workers and have created a light-weight and steady scaffolding. This scaffolding is widely used in various operations of concrete ceilings because of its light-weighted elements, easy installation and high carriage capacity.
Using Pal scaffolding is highly recommended both financially and operationally for any structure in which it needs a levelled carrier in height for mantling.
The elements of Pal scaffolding are produced in heights of 50, 75 and 100 centimetres in which by using these elements, this scaffolding system can be used at any intended height.
The elements of Pal scaffolding can be joined both as Square-shaped and a triangular-shaped based on its geometrical plan and they can access various carriers.