Due to the hydraulic equipment with moring units, a daily cycle could easily be achieved.

‏Contractor: General Mechanics Company;

Project Consultant and Formwork Corroborative: Halcrow Company of England.

It was of a concrete placing efficiency of each part in every 24 hours for the average length of lining of each tunnel,at 1250 m (totaling 2500 m length), which was considered as an honor in exporting technical know-how and capability of construction of this industrial group to the other countries of the region.
‏In order to execute and implement the LINING OPERATIONS of Diftah- Shis Road Tunnels (Sharjah- United Arab Emirates)

For the first time, 2 Full- hydraulic Full Steel Formworks equipped with Tunnel Formwork Self- propelled System were applied in United Arab Emirates, and, despite, presence of the European Competitors, such devices were entirely designed by BFS Industries Company and this Industrial Group, and were manufactured in Jebel Factory and were erected and commissioned at the place of the project.  Such a formwork system (registered under No. 50171), with side hinged turnbuckle system, without any need for every-time open and close of the joint pins, and also without needing Anchor Bolts buried in kicker concrete for the section with the final Lining diameter of 12.4 m and the length of each part of concrete placing of 10.5 m was designed and constructed, and because of easy direction of the formwork and high speed of fixation of the same, in spite of compatibility of the design for the self-compression concrete of the project.

Mr. Sheikh Soltan ibn Mohammad Ghasemi, Sharjah Governor, attended to inspect and examine the latest status of the physical progress of theproject at Diftah- Shis Tunnel Site on May 16, 2013, and during his 2- hour inspection from the site of the progresses conducted at the site, he expressed his full satisfaction, and showed appreciation for the technical and engineering know-how applied in implementation and execution of one of the most important and difficult projects of United Arab Emirates.