The Boozarjomehr climbing system provides safe working condition with column formwork at all heights, The well thought – out design combines easy handling with a fast
moving procedure and problem – free adjustment to suit different column shapes.
‏Contractor: Shahid Rajaee Special Group
‏The great veranda in Tehran Mosalla is located between Cathedral Mosq.ue (the Rotunda) and the main Lanterns in the form of a shell 72 meters high and 110 meters in span. As compared with other styles of veranda architecture, this veranda has a unique innovative architecture. Located in a total area of 20856 Square meters, Mosalla Complex is currently under construction.
‏Due to the extremely high compaction of the rebars, it was practically impossible to implement tensile intermediate belts, and since the concrete façade needed to be exposed, Boozarjomehr Industrial Group technical team decided to design for the first time integral panels compatible with the maximum hydrostatic pressure of the self-compacting concrete (182.5 kN/m2) in a single stage, so that no intermediate tensile belts would be required for the bases. The cross sectional dimensions of these panels were (5 x 3.5), (5 x 2.5) and (3 x 1.20) meters, and the height of the concrete structure was 7.3 meters. This system was capable of being applied along with the ascending system in the bases (height = 12.50 m). Currently, almost half the height of these bases has been constructed in both horizontal and vertical directions via implementing this innovative and unique forming method
Economic adaptable special panels for (5mX3.5m) and (5mX2.5m) and (3mX1.2m) section.
Consreting pouring paltforms can help labors to work always safely.
Essential element of the Boozarjomehr solution for SCC climbing system.
Large area Special Column formwork can be dismantled in L-shape united parts.
Special Climbing Brackets helped labors to work always safely.
Special supporting system compatible with concreting 7.30m height in one cycle