Mass construction of the building in a mega complex with various occupancies beside each other in order to remove the daily needs of the family in a location; taking into consideration the nearness of the main ways of the city, pilgrimage centers, trading and business centers and entertainment centers of Mashhad and construction of the residential complex with full facilities in a land measuring 65000 sq. m, including 1312 units of residential occupancy, halls and restaurant, hyper market, sport club, health and treatment center, etc.

In construction of 1312 units of residential occupancy in a limited time period, concrete structure of the wall and uniform slab with the formwork system of tunnel, has decreased the implementation time on a noticeable basis and this project includes a desirable concrete quality for the façade. BFS Industrial Group has made effort to design the formworks in this manner that such modular formworks would be capable of being used in the similar structures.