Products and Systems

Your added value is what drives us

Ensuring we have satisfied customers is our highest priority. Our entire business operations are focused on achieving this which results in our strict orientation on deriving maximum customer benefits. We want you to benefit directly from our products and services particularly from the close cooperation with us and have a real competitive edge in the market – both technically as well as economically.

The BFS performance price 

Our engineers take into consideration the total cost of materials and working hours in every product development – we call this the “performance price”. Fact is that if material costs are reduced and valuable planning, working, crane or machine time can be saved, then the investment quickly pays for itself and the price is put into perspective again.

Wall Formwork

steel modular

wall formwork for a wide range of uses in general construction and civil engineering

Column Formwork

column formwork

The universal lightweight formwork for walls, foundations, columns and slabs

Slab Formwork

The flexible formwork with safe accessible grid elements and The flexible girder formwork for all ground plans

Climbing System>

In higher structures such as walls, tanks and dams in which elevating formworks are used, bracket is a main part of this kind of systems.

Slipform System


This system which is used for high concrete structures is needless of derricks. It is lifted by the hydraulic jacks and by relying on the firmed concrete surface from the previous stage.

Scaffolding , Stairs , Working Platforms

For easy operation and also taking work safety methods into consideration, BFS Company designed and presented it BFS up Scaffold and also BFS up Stairs by the Dubai Office.

Special Formwork


The system of these formworks is designed and manufactured for execution of diverse special structures which utilizing of modular forms are not feasible and or the execution method is exclusive.

Tunnel Form System


Tunnel formworks are used in building structures which are both from walls and slabs. They are designed somehow in which half of each slab with its adjoining wall and two integrated formworks become mantled as an L-shape all at the same time.